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Jack Wills is a British clothing brand aimed at university students. The fashion label uses the brand and registered trademark "Jack Wills – University Outfitters" to reflect the inspiration behind the brand.

Jack Wills was founded in 1999 by Peter Williams and Robert Shaw, the former who named the company after his grandfather, Jack Williams. The original store was in Salcombe, Devon located at 22 Fore Street. This original address is often written into the brand's handbook, clothing labels and in-store signs.

Salcombe is quite a weird place to open a store for the university market, since there is not a university in this town.

The brand incorporates aspects of traditional British military and sporting design in its products, and uses a navy blue and pink colour scheme for its packaging and some of its products. The company often houses its stores in historical buildings, such as old pubs or town houses.

The majority of its stores are in the UK, however there are two branches in Ireland, in Kildare and Dublin. The company now owns around 60 stores in the UK and Ireland, the three stores in Hong Kong and the 15 stores in the USA .

Jack Wills' products are branded with a logo of a pheasant with a top hat and a walking stick, known as "Mr Wills". The company publishes "Handbooks" each season: the Autumn Term Handbook, for example, or the Christmas Handbook.

Jack Wills clothing ranges from traditional British formal wear, such as shirts, tweed jackets and blazers, to more contemporary casual clothing: hooded tops, sweatpants, t-shirts and polo shirts. Products such as rugby shirts and luggage are also sold, as are homeware goods and stationery.

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