lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014



The government plans to introduce a new law which will mean to introduce school on Saturday. In my view, this would have some negative consequences.

In the first place, I believe this would have a positive repercussion for our education but it won't be a good idea for teenagers. It probably improve our level in all the country.

I think that this is unfair because on Saturdays the teenagers hang out and relax at home after a really hard week at the school. If teachers work, the state will have to pay them more and that's not a good idea because we are in crisis.
There is an alternative method to achieve the government's aims that approved a new law.

Finally, the alternative methods about the plans to introduce school on Saturday are with internet or like always, going to school. The results shouldn't be agreed for guys. If the aim of the government is to lower the number of people who leaves the studies, it seems to me that there's a better alternative: if they remove bad results, education in this country would be safer.

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