viernes, 28 de marzo de 2014




My trip to Italy was amazing, we visited a lot of things and we had a lot of fun too.

On the first day, I woke up at 4:00 am, because I had to be in school at 4:45 am. We went to Girona airport and we took a plane from Ryanair at 7:05 am. When we arrived in Pisa at Galileo Galilei airport around 8:35 am we took a bus which took us to the train car bully. This little train led us to “Piazza del Miracolo”. There, some mates wanted to climb the Tower of Pisa, and the other ones we stayed there and we took a lot of photos, like the tipical, holding the tower. We visited the Duomo and the Baptistry, it was quite good and interesting. When we finished the visit, we went to lunch in a Restaurant called “Trattoria del Turista”, and after that, we took a bus which took us to Florence. Before entering the city, we visited a viewpoint called “The viewpoint of Michelangelo”. When we stayed installed on the hotel we made a walk around the center, and for ending a long day, we had dinner in the restaurant called “Antico Barile”.

On the second day, we had breakfast early and we visited the Ufizzi Gallery at 9:45 am. It was nice but maybe a little bit bored because there were too many paintings and works. After that we visited the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral inside. We had free lunch, so we went to a tipical pizzeria and we had some pizzas, they were very good. In the afternoon, the first thing we visited was the academy, where the David of Michael Angelo is located. When I came across with that sculpture I was amazed. It is enormous and it seems impossible to do that sculpting. After this visit, we came back to Santa Maria del Fiore and the teachers asked us who wanted to climb the dome and it has around 500 steps. It was optional but they convinced me and I climbed the dome. When I got up, it was worth the effort. For me it was the most amazing thing of this trip, we could see all Florence. It was just incredible.

On the third day, we prepared the luggage and we went walking to the Santa Maria Novella station. We took the fast train towards Rome, and when we arrived there, we went directly to leave the luggage in the Hotel Noto. We went to have lunch in a restaurant near the Hotel and then we walk to the Republic Square and there we visited Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Maritiri. With bus we went to Piazza Venecia. From there we visited the Forums, the Capitol and the Pantheon. After that, we walk to the famous fountain, called “Fontana di Trevi”, there we stayed around 45 min enjoying the environment and taking a lot of photos. I visited once the Fontana di Trevi, but I was too young so I don’t remember anything, and when I went there I really enjoyed it.

On the fourth day we had breakfast early and we took a bus to Vatican, there we visited the museums. It was good. We had free lunch. After having lunch, we visited de Basilica and the Square. There, I climbed the dome too but it wasn’t as taller as the one in Florence. After the visit we took the bus and we went to have dinner.

And the last day... we had breakfast and we visited the Colisseum. On the way, we stopped in Santa Maria la Magiore and in San Pietro in Vincoli for visit the Moses. The visit in the Colisseum it was very nice, because it history is very interessant and personally I liked this tipe of history. After this visit we took a bus and we went to the airport to wait our plane. When we arrived in Barcelona we took a bus too, and it brought us to our school. I couldn’t believe the trip to Italy ended... All this years waiting for it and with a breeze is over.

I will remember this trip always. 

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