lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014


WRITING UNIT 6: Write about yourself and your view of the world

My name ia Elena Moncayola and I'm student in Casa Nostra School in Banyoles, Girona. I'm interested in music and cinema. Some of my friends are into music too. The person who I spend most time is my friend Marta. The thing which I like best is sitting on the sofa and watch a nice fils with her.

I don't think the wrold is a bad place, although I think we would improve it if we shared things more with each other. There are some things that make me angry, one thing that annoys me is when people are rude or they eat with the mouth open.

As far as the future is concerned, it sometimes worries me that we won't have peace. I find it a bit frightening that there's always a war somewhere in the world and it can be in your country on day. In a few years time, I see myself sitting in an office making a conference of lawyers. 

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