lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014


The 2000s

This decade was one of the most important and refreshing decade ever. There were wars, crisis, but lots of good times too,.

In the world of cinema, I have to say, that Harry Potter, was the best-selling movie. But one of the most amazing things happened on 2009, with the amazing "Avatar" film.

And in the world of music, the Rap and Hip Hop had reached the peak, in the entire world. It was amazing, how that kinds of music grew up, so fast. The best-selling artist of the decade was the American rapper Eminem, who sold 32 million albums. And the best-selling female artist of the decade was Britney Spears. One of the saddest things of that decade, was on the 2009 when Michael Jackson, the king of Pop, died.

In the world of Politic, one the most scaries things that happened was the attacks on the 11th of the September, from an Afghanistan group of people to the twin towers.
An awesome thing that happened to United States was that in 2008, Barack Obama, was elected President of the USA, and he became the first African American U.S president.

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