lunes, 24 de febrero de 2014

A romantic comedy about finding love again after divorce

Eva is a divercée who spends her days working as a maseuse, a job she's passionate about, and dreading her daughter's imminent departure for college. Then she meets Albert, also divorced. He's far from the romantic ideal, but seduced by his generous, tender character their romance blossoms. Meanwhile, Eva becomes friends with a new client, Marianne, a bohemian poet who is always raging about her ex-husband. To Eva, she seems almost perfect. Until whe discovers that the ex-husband whom Marianne keeps complaining about is Albert.. her Albert. Ouch! Little by little, Eva finds herself being swayed by Marianne wo unconsciously guides her feeling like a "human TripAdvisor", as she puts it. 

Starring the late Gandolfini (The Soprans), All about Albert explores this unusual, delicate situation with wit and intelligence: a romantic comedy that is both romantic and funny!

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