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Hi class, I'm Elena and now I'm going to talk about my summer holidays.
First I'm going to talk about France, second I'm going to talk about Asturias, Oviedo, and finally I'm going to talk about my last days of summer in Banyoles.
So, let's start!

When the school was finished, I stayed some days in Banyoles, training hard because in the following days of summer I was going to the most important competitions of the year. In July I went to France, in Compiegne. There, those days there were celebrating the European Dressage Championship of Juniors and Young Riders, so I went there with my sister because she was selected to represent Spain in the European. I spent a great week there, with great people of the Spanish team. I can say I've learned a lot of the professional riders.

After France, when I came back by the end of July, I competed in the Catalan Championship, and I’m very happy of the results.

In the end of August, I went to Oviedo the capital of Asturias to compete in the Spanish Championship. I stayed there a week, but it wasn’t a nice week at all, because I fell off my horse, and I hit my head, I don’t remember anything of what had happened, and either, where I was and what I was doing there, I thought it was the last year.

Luckily it was only a scare, the next day I went slowly recovering.
The doctors told me, I won’t ever remember what has happened. Actually I don’t remember the day of the fall, what happened and the hospital. But I can say, now, I’m OK, and I can ride my horses properly.

When I came back from Oviedo, I stayed with my family and my friends in Banyoles, preparing for the school, and wondering to me, why the summer was ending. This year I couldn’t do any travel to England to improve my English, because I had to train a lot, but now, I really want to do a long travel in England or to the United States because I’ve missed it.

I will remember this summer, it was special to me, but it was really nice. Now I’m looking forward for the summer 2014, and we are going to make it unbelievable.

Thanks for your attention.



Laia Ramírez: 1. Estartit Summer Camp 2. Palamós with Laia Gan 3. Mikonos

Jordi Brunsó:  1. London he visited Big Ben, Backingham palace... 2. Fishing with Enric and with his uncle 3.Bordeaux. 4.Prepare for school.

Blanca Lleal: 1. Camp Nashoba North, for 7 weeks in USA and they did a lot of activities. 2.Pals 3. Back home

Júlia Vila: 1. Banyoles 2. L'escala 3. Cruise

Mònica Nogué: 1. Escala 2. Tossa with Laura 3.Stage in a camp four days with Judith 4. Pals in Blanca's apartment.

Mireia Noguer: 1.Ireland (Dublin) for 3 days and she visited for example the bear factory called Guinnes. 2. England (Haleybury) 3. Platja d'Aro

Esther:  1.Acampada 2.Campas 3.Granada 4.Ibiza

Mireia Feliu: 1. Banyoles 2.Estartit 3. last days of Summer in Banyoles

Marta Teixidor: 1. Serdenya 2.Barcelona 3.Banyoles

Marta Oliver: 1.Alicant 2. Copenhagen 3. Banyoles

Pol: 1.Platja d'Aro 2. Santló, Normandie, France 3. Prepare for school in Banyoles

Enric: 1.Banyoles 2.Switzerland 3. Back from Banyoles

Bernat Díaz: 1.Banyoles 2.Platja d'Aro

Núria Ros: 1. Campament 2.Platja d'Aro 3.Banyoles

Pau: 1.Glouster 2.Platja d'Aro

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