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PSY A "Gagnam Style" singer

People love to laugh at Psy's "Gagnam Style" vide. But in his home country, South Korea, Psy is a national hero. 

Go to YouTube and look for "Gagnam Style"... you'll see that more than 999 millions people have watched the video by singer Psy. But a lot of them can't understand the lyrics: Psy sings in Korean.

There is nobody like Psy
Psy's musical style is 100% original. It is often called "K-pop", but this term is misleading (see box top right) as Psy mixes lots of styles. The vido "Gagnam Style" mixes rap and martial arts with dance moves that look like Psy is on a horse!

From South Korea to the USA
Psy grew up in Gagnam District, a rich district in Seoul, South Korea. After leaving school he went to the USA to study business administration. Psy's father is in  charge of a big company and Psy was going to take over one day. 

Psy discovers his vocation
 But Psy soon realized that he preferred the music world to the business world. He used the monew for his business education to buy musical equipment and started studying music instead. With his experience of the USA and its music in his mind, he returned to South Korea with a clear idea: to become  famous singer. 

"Gagnam Style changed my whole life and my whole plan. I didn't expect anything like this. So what can I say?"


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